Our Rooms

Your motley crew of thieves has learned that one of the world's largest diamonds is held in a private gallery in Back Bay. Assembled in your secret hideout you have the blueprints, inside knowledge of the alarms, and all the tools for your devious break-in. Tonight you determine your destiny: a lifetime of untold riches, or decades behind bars...?

2 - 10 players

Level: Advanced (adjustable)

It's 1941. The British Royal Navy has spotted a U-Boat adrift in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic. Your elite group of destroyermen has been selected as the boarding party to explore the seemingly-abandoned vessel, and salvage any intel you can. In one hour the enemy will arrive to torpedo their own submarine and preserve its secrets. Can you find the enigma code books and escape in time, or will you sink with the fate of the world in your hands?

4 - 10 players

Level: Advanced