Red Fox Escapes

Boston's most immersive escape game

If you love mystery, adventure, and puzzles, you'll love our mission-driven games! It's like starring in a real life movie, where, for one hour, anything can happen!

Our rooms are meticulously conceived to immerse you in the story and delight you with surprises.

Every puzzle has been designed and crafted from scratch to challenge your problem-solving skills and leave you feeling satisfied and just that little bit smarter!

“Several moments where my entire group went "OH THAT IS SO COOL" ”

- Casey Maloney

"Most amazing escape room I have done so far!

So interactive, so immersive! The aesthetics are also just stunning!

Just the right level of brain fever!"

-Xqua Xqua

“Puzzles are masterfully crafted, and pacing was perfect throughout”

- Nathan Kaplan

“It's extremely clear why the ratings are so high”

- Victoria Golden